MOTUS is an integrated creative agency with a difference, dedicated to creating highly effective campaigns and programmes that emotionally connect people with brands, through truths that get to the heart of what makes people tick.

“Brands deserve better,” says MOTUS founder and Managing Director Fraser Singleton, who together with heavyweight Strategist and creative industry veteran Peter Anderson, has a clear vision of how to help brands emotionally connect with people through their unique and proprietary approach.

“We create experiences that will truly matter to people and will connect with them. Our name MOTUS comes from the Latin word of “emoti”, which can mean ‘emotion’ and ‘movement’ (constantly moving forward). These values are the cornerstone of our business philosophy” adds Fraser.

“MOTUS don’t refer to people as “consumers”. This is the language that most brands are guilty of using. “We believe that brands that put ‘people first’ will win the battle for ‘hearts and minds’ – and consequently loyalty”,
says Pete Anderson.

“Human beings are complex yet we’re all connected by emotion. The large majority of our decisions are emotionally driven, without the realisation it’s happening.” Peter Anderson, MOTUS Chief Strategy officer brings over 30 years’ experience, having worked with an array of both big blue chip global brands and small challenger brands. He has worked for agencies that cover all of the top 5 networks, and across both integrated and digital creative shops.

Peter shares Fraser’s passion for delivering high quality, results-driven thinking that ignites great creative ideas. "Ideas without any basis in science or fact is just making things up. Hypothesis is good, it’s the way great scientists work. But without proving the concept, it’s guessing. We don’t ‘guess’ with our clients’ budgets“ says Peter.

Fraser Singleton’s own rapid rise from marketing graduate to launching MOTUS with Peter has been borne out of a burning desire to change the approach of creative brand campaigns to match the dynamics of an ever-changing world where people invest with their emotions just as much as their assets. Having managed high value successful programmes for FMCG brands, including many household names, and helped develop creative campaigns for high end luxury lifestyle and automotive clients, Fraser is eager to support clients to achieve results they might have only ever dreamt of.

With a vast knowledge of account management, clients are well supported through the creative process, often challenged when it comes to taking those big steps that Fraser and team MOTUS know will ensure a campaign excels and delivers results. “I’m excited for what is to come at MOTUS. We have a strong and clear vision as an agency, and this is an offering clients will find refreshing and will want to hear about and adopt” adds Fraser.

Milton Keynes headquartered MOTUS have formed an unrivalled team of creative industry professionals, all at the top of their game. The Creative department at MOTUS is headed up by Matt Fairgrieves, while freelance he brings over 20 years of experience and the former head of design at McCann Milton Keynes, he has experience across a wide range of brands including automotive, FMCG and leisure.

“Overall, MOTUS is a tantalising mix of young, creative energy and solid commercial experience with a distinctive creative flair” explains Fraser. “We’re deeply passionate about all our client work, no matter how big or small the brand or budget is. It’s time for a new breed of agency to make its mark on the creative scene.”

“We want to hear from brand directors, marketeers, even the one-man bands with eye popping ideas we can help shape into iconic brands. We are the brightest new bunch of creatives on the block and love a good natter over a coffee to get the ball rolling.”


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